Our Passion evolves into everything we create, being creatives is a characteristic that has advanced Pyxel from creating beautiful CGI imagery to support a range of Advertising, Marketing and Branding material, as well as design services that cover; Architectural, Interior and Industrial areas.




  • Marios Georgiou _ Managing Director

    Marios found his roots in 1990 as a Advertising Designer at Art Institute of Design Fort Lauderdale Florida, where he later founded a small graphic studio in Manchester UK where he developed his first key business skills in the advertising industry.

    He later moved on and founded Pyxel Studios in 1994 specialising in the architectural CGI industry. Pyxel quickly developed into a main industry contender in this field out performing the competition, and strategising the company into a fully-fledged brand and design agency.

  • Petros Georgiou_ Art Director

    Petros has his origins firmly in the design field from his background in the Automotive design industry. He obtained an MDes in Transportation Design at Coventry University UK and worked at PSA Peugeot Citroen Stile Advance Centre Paris France. His strong design and visual communication skills defines the direction of the company, and always looks for new ways to push the boundaries.